2nd day of fasting 7th day of experiment

Energy levels and motivation very low.

Let’s re-assess why I am doing this, I am hoping this helps:

1. More energy – ok not a great one to start on.
2. All the health benefits – true but I have an excruciating headache
3. To get faster going up hill – losing weight is the best way to make it easier to go up hill on your bike
4. Being able to fully enjoy my young family playing games and giving them an active Daddy

This really does help. But the second day of fasting has been hard.

I also have to admit that I cheated slightly today. I ate a small piece of dark chocolate, this has tipped me over to 700 calories today. I am hoping that the amount of cycling I am doing counter acts this.

The books says that at the beginning it can be hard. So I am determined to see the month out and then really report on how it is going.

That is it for today,


2 thoughts on “2nd day of fasting 7th day of experiment”

  1. I gave up caffeine after my Heart Attack. I felt rubbish for the first few days… I had no idea how dependent I was on it! After that it got easier. I don’t really miss it now. Hopefully the Blog will remind you how far you’ve come after you get through the early slump! Good luck!

  2. HI Paul, do you think then that this could be from cutting wheat etc. I appreciate the comment, it is like an added boost to know others are going for it. Good luck on your ride.

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