16 days and being excited

I had to share that unbelievably this fasting 5:2 diet, is actually working.

It is probably a combination of the 175 miles on the bike, 5:2, no alcohol and no wheat, but 16 days in and 4KG down. So, frankly right now, I don’t care which one it is, I am just excited.

I am not missing the wheat or alcohol and the headaches have now stopped.

Had the most brilliant ride yesterday. Well done to my cycle buddy who put down an impressive 14 miles in the sideways rain today.

I am waiting to hear back from the Fred Whitton Challenge, fingers crossed.



4 thoughts on “16 days and being excited”

  1. Hey there I’ve just started blog dieting too. Do you get moody on the 5:2? How do you deal with it!!

    1. Not really. I had one day where I had a rubbish headache and I chewed some of my colleagues heads off, but that was it. If anything I have been more relaxed.

  2. that’s great! Keep going at it. I love your friend managed to conquer the elements! They are often the excuse for people not to go for a session. I embrace them.

    Well done pal. I’m happy for you.

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