Back on it… a car bonnet

Amazingly it worked…….that is, posting blogs focuses my mind completely to cracking on.

I had two pieces of unexpected inspiration. 1. From my cycling buddy, who happens to be one of the most chilled and thoughtful people I know, who took the time to say “hey I liked your post” and 2. an inspirational comment from aka Paul Squire that I wanted to share it with you:

” I’ve found that doing the “good things” over an extended period have resulted in quite a different impact than over a shorter period (a month, say). This probably sounds obvious, but I hadn’t realised how much time some things take (to start to lose “love handles”, for example).

My fitness kick was prompted by a Heart Attack, so I had some built in urgency. Your year-long challenge has the potential to result in some big, sustainable differences. Stick with it!”

What a great comment and it definitely helped me get on my bike when my body was saying noooooooo.

It is so true that doing the “good things” as Paul says is the right thing to do over an extended length of time.

We all know it. We all know what we should be doing. So we do we need something like a life altering wake up call to stop us eating comfort food in front of the TV.

My belief is that it is all down to programming. Society has been programmed by adverts that are compounded by your peers buying into them, that eating junk food or snacking is the way to relax.

I think once in a while absolutely. But are bodies were not designed to get self gratification from living others lives through TV and chomping down on fatty salt filled snacks.

I know this, you know this, so why does it A. feel so good at the time and B. taste so good that it is basically addictive.

The right thing is hard. But in the long term far more rewarding for ones soul or out look on life and ones health.

So I must keep up the meditation and re-program my mind to realise that if I am watching TV then the delicious taste of fruit or better yet, nothing is as fulfilling.

On top of that I am going to ask myself – could I being doing anything else right now that would allow me to get more out of life from using my body, even if it is tinkering with my bike, or spending time to prepare a fresh tasty meal from fresh ingredients. The best ones for me obviously involve Mrs. Fatcycles or second to that my bike.

Side NB. Celebrating holding up my fasting day yesterday while on a business trip to Vienna.

More to follow.


Third Month…..Has all the motivation gone?

Very much like I was writing in January, people tend to be all fired up in he first month of any challenge.  Only to find it dwindles and the flame goes out by the third month.

First month was a great success.  Second month things fell to the way side somewhat.  I and numerous trips abroad which were all client facing and lead to meals out, typically on fasting day.  By the Third month things have almost fallen off the wagon completely.  As this is a year long challenge to get myself back to health, I decided last night that I need to re-motivate myself.  I needed to look at the full spectrum of what I have read, what I have achieved so far and how that build towards my end goal.

1.  Recapping the goals – 88kg end year weight – why?  Healthier for children, less pressure on my hips and carrying less weight up the hills on the bike.  The rest of my goals really are aimed at that.  

2.  Writing this blog – amazingly writing a blog, that is possibly read by a bunch of strangers, is incredibly motivating.  When you put out a goal and how you are doing on a blog, it reinforces your resolve to get it done.  However, it is all to easy to stop writing and lose that discipline.  I have found when I stopped writing, my focus dropped.

3.  Meditate to 88 KG goal weight by the end of the year – now the more the year goes on the more the goal is harder to achieve.  It is pretty obvious- when I started out with the goal in month 1, 12 months was ages away.  I needed to lose 1.3KG (2.8lbs) each month.  Achievable right?  Sustainable right?  We are now in month 3, I have 10KG to go (on a good day) which still sounds achievable.  But some how my mind is saying, that is way to much to go you are never going to do that, the end of the year is racing up.  You have too many business trips.  You can’t cycle enough.  Etc etc.  So I need to find a way to refocus.  I need to take the time to meditate on my goals.  It is so powerful even 5 minutes a day.

3.  The Fasting Diet or 5:2 diet – Ok probably the easiest diet in the world to follow.  So why do I keep finding excuses to skip fasting days?  Simple I am not focused enough.  Back to the meditating on goals. 

4.  Cycling – one of my favourite things in the whole world.  It lets you focus on whats important, get somewhere relatively quickly for human body power, resets your internal dialogue, gives you more energy and burns calories.

5. No Alcohol – This was great for January.  I lost a load of weight and I felt brilliant.  But for some reason the society I choose to be in sees it as a good tool to get along with one another in business and socially.  I need to think this one through.  I am an all or nothing kind of guy.  I either have a drink on Fridays and see my friends or I don’t.  I don’t want to be billy no mates, but I am not sure what this poison is actually doing for me.  hmmmm more to follow on that one.

Ok after all that it is time to get on the bike for a quick 20 miler and get back in the zone.