Back on it… a car bonnet

Amazingly it worked…….that is, posting blogs focuses my mind completely to cracking on.

I had two pieces of unexpected inspiration. 1. From my cycling buddy, who happens to be one of the most chilled and thoughtful people I know, who took the time to say “hey I liked your post” and 2. an inspirational comment from aka Paul Squire that I wanted to share it with you:

” I’ve found that doing the “good things” over an extended period have resulted in quite a different impact than over a shorter period (a month, say). This probably sounds obvious, but I hadn’t realised how much time some things take (to start to lose “love handles”, for example).

My fitness kick was prompted by a Heart Attack, so I had some built in urgency. Your year-long challenge has the potential to result in some big, sustainable differences. Stick with it!”

What a great comment and it definitely helped me get on my bike when my body was saying noooooooo.

It is so true that doing the “good things” as Paul says is the right thing to do over an extended length of time.

We all know it. We all know what we should be doing. So we do we need something like a life altering wake up call to stop us eating comfort food in front of the TV.

My belief is that it is all down to programming. Society has been programmed by adverts that are compounded by your peers buying into them, that eating junk food or snacking is the way to relax.

I think once in a while absolutely. But are bodies were not designed to get self gratification from living others lives through TV and chomping down on fatty salt filled snacks.

I know this, you know this, so why does it A. feel so good at the time and B. taste so good that it is basically addictive.

The right thing is hard. But in the long term far more rewarding for ones soul or out look on life and ones health.

So I must keep up the meditation and re-program my mind to realise that if I am watching TV then the delicious taste of fruit or better yet, nothing is as fulfilling.

On top of that I am going to ask myself – could I being doing anything else right now that would allow me to get more out of life from using my body, even if it is tinkering with my bike, or spending time to prepare a fresh tasty meal from fresh ingredients. The best ones for me obviously involve Mrs. Fatcycles or second to that my bike.

Side NB. Celebrating holding up my fasting day yesterday while on a business trip to Vienna.

More to follow.

4 thoughts on “Back on it… a car bonnet”

  1. Thanks! I’m glad I could help out.

    I’ve also found that having specific targets has helped me focus. I’ve signed up for a few rides. The first is London – Amsterdam – Brussels in early May. Do you have any events in the calendar?

  2. I’ve found that blogging makes me stick to doing what I’m saying I’m doing and am less likely to stray outside of good eating habits. I do sometimes stray, but I often talk myself out of stuff like potato chips. I feel accountable to the folks that might read my blog.
    I’m registered to ride too. One hundred ninety two miles the first weekend in August for Boston’s Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

  3. Hello,
    I’m working on a new set of bike hotels GiroHotels, in Italy, Cesenatico. The birthplace of Marco Pantani.
    We would like to show Cesenatico, and our bike hotel in your country. We would like to cooperate with you. We can hold you here in exchange for posts in your blog or other kind of collaboration.
    Are you interested?

    Best regards
    Matteo Gozzoli

    1. Hello Matteo, this sounds amazing. What a great idea. I would love to come and stay for a night and get a post about it in my blog. would June be OK?

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