I am sure I am not alone……I am in my mid thirties and some time ago between children and working longer and longer hours my muscles waved a little white flag and I woke up a fat man.

In reality it happened over 10 years or so.  I am sure it is to do with dinner parties getting longer and drinking beer more often.

So today I looked in the mirror and guess what I really do have a huge spare tire and a double chin.  Reality check or what.  Some might say who cares.  You are absolutely right. But…..

1.  I am only middle aged and should be able to completely enjoy my body at least for the next 20 years.

2.  Numerous health benefits.

3.  Apparently thinner people with an active metabolism have more energy.

4.  More energy will benefit my work and my home life

5.  I want to enjoy my young family.

6.  I am obsessed by cycling and push bikes in general and the fastest way to get quicker up hill is to not spend loads on lighter parts that the pro’s use but to lose the fat around your middle

I plan to experiment on myself with different diets, lifestyles, foods and document my findings, in the hope that it will help me and if there are others like me (which I predict there are).

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Another Fat Guy Who Loves All Things Cycle, Trying To Keep The Extra Tyre Down

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