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Are you sitting comfortably……

….then i’ll begin.

Christmas…..the down fall of the food centric cyclist.  I went into this Christmas with every intention of coming out the other side thinner, faster and with at least 150 miles clocked up.  How stupid am I?

No need to answer – I am some how constantly delusional, I know I will set myself a task that every year I fail at, finish feeling pissed off with myself and eat more.  Result = larger than the previous year and slower up the hills. Great work!

For those of you lucky ‘split-pins’ that are thinking just eat less and cycle more.  Absolutely right, however like the rest of my fat clan (cyclists or not, some of which are in denial) just don’t seem to be able to grasp that concept.  The curry is just too tempting, one more pint, pork scratchings etc.  If you can’t have empathy or sympathy, do us one favour and don’t gloat.

So as the ‘about’ page suggests, I am going to try and enjoy the cycling and take baby steps to getting back into shape.  If it works it might help others or just inflate my own ego.

On the 1st of January I intend to embark on the oh so fashionable 5/2 diet where for two days of every week you can only eat a maximum of 600 calories.

As posted on my instagram pictures Mrs. FatCycles has helped with an appropriate stocking filler luncheon box.

Ok time to don ones lycra and hit the hills.