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Of frosty mornings and cold toes

When you wake up and Mrs. Fat Cycles has only given you an allocated 2 hour window from 8 to 10 and then you look out the window – and it is raining/frickin cold/snowing (delete where necessary) the temptation to play playstation or Scalextric is so big.

In this instance I take a little motivation from someone who has bundles of energy and motivation and the following quote always seems to get me going.

“oh, and I have a good trick for doing stuff, like exercising, when I really am not in the mood…I tell myself that I can quit, but only after thee minutes.  I have to at least begin.

Invariably after three minutes of running, I find I am in the groove and want to keep going.  The hard bit is always getting going, so I commit at least to start, with my ‘three-minute get-out clause’…which, of course, then doesn’t get used!”

Bear Grylls – A Survival Guide For Life

So on this morning at 0855, while the frost is thick, I am going to stop procrastinating by writing this blog and get myself on my bike.